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  • Satellite Broadband vs Traditional ADSL Comparision

    Remember back in the day when you would hear a connection noise on the line if you wanted to use the phone while someone else was on the internet? Well with traditional broadband it’s still the same today. Data is transmitted back and forth from your property using the same copper telephone lines that enable […]

  • Tips & Tricks for fixing satellite problems

    Since the digital changeover earlier this year, many homes have lost or have poor or intermittent signal on their Freesat, and SkyTV dishes.   With lots of misinformation on the internet, many are left confused about what to do so the expert team at have come up with a handy list of tips and tricks […]

  • Lost your signal? Satellite issues, your questions answered

    Satellite Astra 2E has now reached its final position with all UK channels making the change early last week. It’s taken a week for everything to settle properly, but we can now report on the following: The confirmed footprint for Astra 2E features below with the numbers 45 and 60 referring to the satellite dish […]

  • Loss of Freesat in France – latest update

    As of midday today, ASTRA 2E has reached its final position and all UK channels have been switched over, enabling ASTRA 1N to relocate to its new position.  There have been mixed reports of varied signal strength but for the most part, unless you live in North France or Belgium you will no longer be […]

  • Loss of BBC, ITV and Channel4 in Europe….permanent or temporary?

    On February 1st, ASTRA 2E, the replacement satellite for the soon to be recommissioned ASTRA 1N, reached its final destination in the orbital arc of 28.5/28.5 degrees East with the switchover occurring in the early hours of Thursday morning. Extensive in-orbit tests have confirmed that the satellite is now fully operational and performing to specifications, […]

  • Freesat, we have a problem….

    On September 30th, 2013 International Launch Services successfully launched the replacement satellite, Astra 2E for satellite services company, SES.  Astra 2E has now reached its final destination at the 28.2/28.5 orbital arc and over the coming weeks, the channels currently presiding on Astra N1 will be relocated to Astra 2E to allow Astra N1 to […]

  • What’s SAT about?

    Recently there have been an increase of reports in expat media outlets and forums throughout France and Europe regarding British expats, second home and holiday home owners losing Freeview access to UK Channel’s 5 and often 4. This follows the retirement and replacement of the SES satellite Astra 2D with Astra 2F.  Astra 2F has a […]