Loss of BBC, ITV and Channel4 in Europe….permanent or temporary?

On February 1st, ASTRA 2E, the replacement satellite for the soon to be recommissioned ASTRA 1N, reached its final destination in the orbital arc of 28.5/28.5 degrees East with the switchover occurring in the early hours of Thursday morning. Extensive in-orbit tests have confirmed that the satellite is now fully operational and performing to specifications, however, it is expected that fine tuning will not be complete until Feb 12th so at this stage, its best to wait and see what happens.

If, by Feb 12th, signal has not returned, then a larger satellite dish (circa 90cm-110cm) will most likely regain signal (although not guaranteed). If not, then you can subscribe to SkyTV and get them back.

coverage map

No one knows the exact answer right now because final tuning and changeover is not complete, but if you want more information contact Andy at www.astrasat.tv on +33 6 24 68 17 28.

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