Astrasat Fair Use Policy

Fair Use Policy
The Fair Use Policy ensures that during peak hours, 5pm to 10pm during weekdays and 10am to 10pm during weekends, only a few “heavy” users cannot use the service disproportionately.
In order for everyone to get a good reliable service, we operate a sophisticated Network Management System that uses specific algorithms to identify high volume consumption and gradually restrict usage.

Our products calculate customer’s day-to-day data consumption, ensuring that right up to when you’ve used all your data allowance for the month, you’ll benefit from the best possible performance available on the network.

To ensure we can provide the best performance that the network can deliver within your chosen data allowance, customers who are persistently very heavy users during peak periods may find that non urgent traffic (like peer-to-peer networking) may be assigned a different priority level by the network to ensure other users receive a good quality service.

The way we manage our network means that if the network is very busy, customers who’ve used less than 50% of their monthly data allowance will be given slightly higher priority to those who’ve used more than 50%. We estimate that this will only occur at the peak times of network activity.

Customers data allowances run for 1 month from their connection date, and customer’s data accounts are credited with their new allowance on that date each month.