Televisions are proud to offer top of the range televisions from 3 market-leading brands, Samsung, LG and Sony.

Take your TV to the next level with integrated smart systems and the best screen resolution around.


Samsung TVs offers top of the range Samsung 4K Ultra High Definition televisions to bring your favourite shows to life in your living room.

With more clarity and detail than ever before one of our Samsung televisions makes your entertainment epic. Watch every moment burst from the screen, discover what’s lurking in the shadows of a horror movie or witness the true beauty of a sun-filled landscape scene.

As the centrepiece in your home, Samsung Smart TVs are dedicated to giving you access to a world of content beyond streaming so you can schedule recordings, search and game all while connecting to more devices across your home.

Available in a range of sizes. Colour is dependent on the size and type of product ordered.



LGs TVs minimalistic design means they can suit any space and add a special touch to your carefully curated spaces. When you place TVs that look this good in a room they naturally become the focal point. 

LG Televisions are stylish and deliver superior picture quality. Whether you’re looking for an LED, OLED, Plasma screen or 4K TV LG quality speaks for itself. Known for their striking colour display and less blue light LG TVs are perfect for family watching or long gaming sessions without affecting your eyes.

If you have a home cinema set up that you want to take to the next level, an LG TV will fit right in. With their incredible detail, colour and contrast, LG TVs are unbeatable. Add an LG flat-screen to your bedroom to watch TV in bed or try mounting one on the wall in the living room to enjoy a new way of experiencing your favourite films and TV programs.

Available in a range of sizes. Colour is dependent on the size and type of product ordered.


Sony TVs

Incredibly realistic images and beautifully compact televisions make Sony one of the most popular TV providers around.

Their OLED TVs bring pictures and sound together in perfect harmony. See pure blacks for incredible contrast and hear the sound directly from the screen. Or opt for a 4K HDR TV and pair the brilliance of 4K with the brightness, colour and detail of High Dynamic Range. See how every scene comes to life with extraordinary realism.

If you believe entertainment is essential then you should consider upgrading your existing home system for a Sony television set. Designed with a narrow bezel, a Sony TV looks luxurious and refined while keeping you focused on the picture, not the television. And with ClearAudio+ your television automatically fine-tunes sound for an immersive, emotionally enriching experience that seems to surround you. 

Available in a range of sizes. Colour is dependent on the size and type of product ordered.

Please note individual TVs Smart features may not all be available in your area and will require a broadband connection. To make the most of UK TV players, you will require a UK IP address, can provide this with one of our broadband solutions.

Pair a new TV with our Sonos sound equipment and range of furniture to truly transform your home for music, movies and so much more!