What’s SAT about?

Recently there have been an increase of reports in expat media outlets and forums throughout France and Europe regarding British expats, second home and holiday home owners losing Freeview access to UK Channel’s 5 and often 4.

This follows the retirement and replacement of the SES satellite Astra 2D with Astra 2F.  Astra 2F has a tighter and more focused UK spot beam which has reduced the accessibility for views not based in the UK.  Whilst this currently only affects channels 4 and 5, it is likely to reduce the availability of other channels later in the year when Astra 2E goes in to commission and even more so when Astra 2G is launched in 2014.

More information can be found in this blog from the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/aboutthebbc/posts/Changes-to-BBC-Satellite-transponders-in-2013