Tips & Tricks for fixing satellite problems

Since the digital changeover earlier this year, many homes have lost or have poor or intermittent signal on their Freesat, and SkyTV dishes.   With lots of misinformation on the internet, many are left confused about what to do so the expert team at have come up with a handy list of tips and tricks to try before calling out an expert.

  • Check the rotation/position of your low-noise block downconverter (LNB).  The LNB is the receiving device mounted on your satellite dish that collects radio waves.  It will be attached to an arm facing back towards your dish and look like this. dishpointed

For details on how to position this properly, visit

  • Check the Db rating of the LNB which will be written on the head, it should be 0.1Db.
  • Check all your cable connections are correctly and securely screwed in.
  • Make sure there is no dialectic wire is touching the copper signal body.
  • Reduce you cable length as much as possible and make sure there are no kinks, or that it has perished anywhere.
  • Use in-line amplifiers to re-generate signal when long cable is required.
  • Update box software.
  • As a general rule to receive Freesat or SkyTV in France you now require a 1.25m ground mounted dish installed away from the elements.

If you have no success with the above, we recommend contacting a registered professional to check your equipment and advise the best result. specializes in fast satellite broadband and SkyTV, product installations and support.  For more information and advice, visit or call Andy on +33 6 24 68 17 28