Why choose satellite broadband from astrasat.tv?

The internet has been our most valuable utility during the Covid-19 Pandemic – working or schooling from home, shopping, streaming and catching up online with loved ones we couldn’t see in person. 

According to Forbes.com internet usage has increased 70% since we’ve been locked down, with video streaming now responsible for 58% of all web traffic. This is why, more than ever before, a reliable broadband connection is a necessity.


So, why choose satellite broadband?

Many broadband providers are struggling under the strain of additional, extended web traffic that’s having knock-on effects for the speeds and overall service for their users. Satellite broadband is the alternative that is already ahead of the curve. Without the restrictions of traditional infrastructure, and the ability to connect anywhere with packages and prices to suit all users, a satellite system is the solution.

The post-Covid future suggests there will be an increase in ongoing remote working and many new users have been introduced to the joys of video calling (hello Granny!) streaming and online shopping. This is particularly relevant to the ex-pat community who will have the opportunity to make the most of working from wherever they are, provided they have the broadband capability they deserve. A satellite dish can be installed anywhere that has  access to the sky, meaning you can literally connect remotely!

You don’t want to get stuck in the loading-loop that is a symptom of restricted, over-subscribed services. The benefit of satellite broadband is the availability of all that space above us. The technology behind the satellite solution is future-proofed by continual development of the networks. Most recently aerospace company SpaceX, run by American maverick Elon Musk, has invested billions in developing Starlink to provide satellite internet as an alternative to cabled or mast services.


Why choose satellite broadband from astrasat.tv?

If you’ve spent the last few months staring at the same few walls now is the time to upgrade your entire home with astrasat.tv. Not only do we provide a reliable, fast, unrestricted broadband set-up, we also offer UK TV subscriptions, superior sound and vision solutions all packaged in stylish tech-enabled furniture. 

Unlike large, faceless communications companies we believe in connecting with our customers, online, over the phone or in person to design a package of products as unique as you. We provide front-line technical or installation support and we won’t hit you with any hidden charges – you pay a set monthly data fee no matter what you do with it. 

All our products can be self-installed, alternatively from September for a limited time astrasat.tv engineers will be in zip code areas: 07 Ardèche, 11 Aude, 26 Drome, 30 Gard, 31 Haute Garonne, 34 Hérault, 38 Isère, 73 Savoie, 74 Haute Savoie.