Virtual Halloween Ideas

Make the most of your broadband this socially distant Halloween with some wicked internet based ideas.

Why not try a Virtual Escape Room

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room – a simple form of Escape Room but suitable for all the family particularly fans of Harry Potter that want to explore inside Hogwarts

Another free option comes from the well established Escape Durham, designed for adults but suitable for those aged 12+

Download and listen to a True Crime podcast

Ever since Serial and Making a Murderer went mainstream people have been mad for true crime and there are enough TC podcasts to keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.


Host a watch-along of a classic horror movie

Netflix has a whole host of horror movies ready for a spooky night in with the lights off! Even better, after a recent update you can now host a watching party check the link below to find out how


Tour the Paris Catacombes from the comfort of your own sofa

Forget about the queues and the crowds and navigate the creepy Catacombes from home