A big update is on the way for Sonos devices. In fact, it’s probably the biggest update in the company’s history, marking the end of the beginning and ushering in a whole new chapter.

Sonos S2 is a complete update to the software side of the ecosystem. Sonos S2 is necessary so that Sonos can introduce new products and features, increase bandwidth and improve usability. Any compatible Sonos devices that you have will be automatically updated to S2 when it becomes available on 8th June, and you’ll be prompted to download the new app for the phones, tablets and/or computers that you use to control your kit. Any products bought after May 2020 will have S2 built in.

One feature of S2 is called ‘Room Groups’. This will allow you to create lasting groups of particular zones that you often use in unison – the lounge and kitchen, perhaps – so that you don’t have to do so every time you start playing. You’ll be able to do this as soon as the Sonos S2 platform launches. Newer products with S2 will also include Dolby Atmos –  a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.

What’s compatible?

If you own older generation products but are interested in the new S2 options you can:

1) Keep the entire system, even if it includes some S2-compatible devices, on the S1 platform, knowing that you will be locked out of future features and will not be able to add any products that Sonos introduces to its range after May 2020.

2) Split the system in two, separating the S1 and S2 products. You’ll be able to use the new app to operate the S2 system, and the original app to operate the S1 devices. That doesn’t sound great, but you might find that your Sonos speakers are actually often used more or less independently of one another, perhaps even by different members of the family, in which case this could work.

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