How To: Schedule Downloads

Did you know you have a period of unaccounted data on your Tooway Konnect broadband package?

This means between 1-6am any data used doesn’t come out of your priority allowance, meaning you can keep this with it’s higher speeds to use when you want it.

Most phones and smart devices are already set to go through their updates overnight (when less people are online so they can get the best connection) when plugged into a power source. However, if you wanted to download a box-set or large files it makes sense to set these to also go through overnight.

You cane make this simple by installing download scheduling software to your phones/laptops or tablets. Different schedulers suit different devices so it’s worth googling for your specific set-up but we’ve listed some suggestions below:

  1. – with its simple interface and accelerator Ninja is a good option. Ideal for movies and music downloading.
  2. Covers all the bases and is FREE as it’s built and maintained by open source updates.
  3. Download Accelerator Plus is a paid service although you can opt for the free demo which has everything you need for quick, reliable downloads.

Using a scheduler in this way means you can plan ahead for your next movie night by having your film ready to roll once the popcorn’s ready. You can also avoid heavy downloads impacting on your speeds at the prime times you’re really needing to work online.

So, make even more of your broadband by tailoring it to suit you with a download scheduler.



Please note holds no liability for software downloads to your devices.