How To: Diagnose and Test Broadband Problems

System running slow or lost the lights on your modem? Don’t panic! There are some simple steps you can take to troubleshoot your connection issues before you need to start re-pointing the dish or replacing hardware.

There can be many reasons for slow speeds or a dropping connection and they don’t always mean a fault with the system itself. Data heavy activity, badly built websites or a weak wireless router can all cause your connection to drop.

When it comes to slow or dropping connection the first thing we will always need to do is run some system speed tests.

If you have a Tooway system you can run these by going to

We ask you run these connected directly to your modem via ethernet cable – this means we can test if it is a fault with the connection coming into the modem or whether we need to cast the net wider in troubleshooting. If tests are ran through a router and we need to escalate them as part of our troubleshooting the sat provider will often request tests be ran again.

We also ask you to run a minimum of 3 tests at least 30 minutes apart, preferably morning, afternoon and evening. We do this so we can get an accurate picture of your average connection. Speeds will vary, particularly at peak times but we need to know if the issues you’re having are due to network congestion or something more sinister!

While other testing links are available they are not all built the same, or designed for the nuances of different systems. For us to investigate the problems you’re having we need tests run through our link so that the results log our side (where we can monitor your system) and if necessary we can escalate these to the satellite provider.

Another thing you can do from your own home to check for any issues with your connection is login to the modem. This is a quick way of seeing if there is an equipment issue, i.e. the tria needs replacing or the dish has moved.

To do this, open a web browser and type in

From this page you can see the status of your modem, tria and connection to the dish. If you have any ! where there should be a green tick you have located your problem.

If speed results and a modem test flag more serious issues, now is the time to call us at to organise a service call so we can get you back up and running.