Fibre-like speeds from space!

2020 has had its fair share of ups and downs but in a positive boost will soon be able to offer satellite broadband with speeds of up to 100mbps.

Many broadband providers struggle under the strain of additional, extended web traffic with limited infrastructure that can’t keep up – this has knock-on effects for the speeds and overall service for their users. Mobile providers offer an alternative that can cost a fortune when paying for internet usage in gigabytes. The rollout of superfast broadband has been promised by the Government by 2025 but in the meantime what do consumers do?

Satellite broadband is the alternative that is already ahead of the curve. Without the restrictions of traditional infrastructure, and the ability to connect anywhere with packages and prices to suit all users, a satellite system is the solution.

Satellite broadband is specifically targeted to rural customers without access to fibre exchanges or having suffered too long with other line of sight alternatives. Satellite networks have also made great technological leaps in the last few years, in part due to investment in infrastructure but also by recognising that how people use their broadband is rapidly evolving. Where there used to be data caps there’s now unlimited service, and what used to dial-up-type speeds satellite internet can now rival fibre broadband in its performance.

So where are these faster speeds coming from? 

These higher speeds (and ultimately new monthly data package options) are thanks to the Geostationary Orbit satellites recently developed and launched by ViaSat and Eutelsat, the primary suppliers of satellite broadband in Europe. This allows for the opening of more beams, literally beaming broadband into your home or workplace. The availability of additional beam space then removes any issues of over-subscribed service meaning everyone benefits from better broadband.

These packages are planned for release with by the end of the year and will offer increased speeds, uncapped data and a UK IP as standard for a fixed monthly price. If you’re currently suffering slow to non-existent speeds and a shocking monthly bill be first in line for our new packages by emailing or signing up to our mailing list at