COVID Boredom Busting Online

Now we’re well into lockdown, you’ve done the Zoom quizzes, Joe Wicks’ workout has lost its appeal and frankly we’re all a bit bored.


We’ve come up with some other ideas to make use of your broadband and banish that boredom!


  1. Start a blog.

We’re all hoping a global pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we won’t be repeating but wouldn’t it be interesting to look back in the future and remember what we did and how we coped? There are many free blog builders online where you can choose to publish and share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with the World. Or you might prefer to keep it private and share it with only a select few friends and family. With it being online it’ll always be something you can look back on in years to come.


2. Play with google Doodles.

Did you know you can go back to past interactive Google Doodles and play a variety of games? Sometimes it’s the simple things that can create hours of joy, check out to play things like PAC-MAN (2010), Cricket (2017) or have a go at a Rubik’s cube from 2014.



3. Create a Memory Album.

While physical photo albums are very nice, over time your pictures can become tarnished and you’ve got to find somewhere to keep them all! Why not set up an email account you can send all the photos you want to save to, this way you’ll always have a back-up of your pics online and you or others can email photos or messages to it at any time like a living memory book. With Gmail you can set up a free account in minutes – just make sure you save your login information!


4. Go on a Wikirace!

Want another way to have some fun with friends or family online? Why not go on a Wikipedia race, a simple game that can also be educational. It can be played between any number of participants, using links to travel from one Wikipedia page to another. The first person to reach the destination page, or the person that reaches the destination using the fewest links, wins the race. Intermediary pages may also be required. To Wikirace, first select a page off the top of your head. Using a randomized page works well, as well as the featured article of the day. This will be your beginning page. Next choose a destination page. Generally, this destination page is something very unrelated to the beginning page. For example, going from apple to orange would not be challenging, as you would simply start at the apple page, click a wikilink to fruit and then proceed to orange.