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Some of your frequently asked questions answered…

What is satellite broadband?

Satellite broadband is a bi-directional high speed satellite internet service for internet access. Bi-directional means that receive and transmit functions are performed via the satellite; therefore there is no need for a telephone line.

Does the satellite broadband service cover where I live?

You can see the coverage footprint of the KA-SAT satellite below.

KA-SAT Coverage

What direction is the new Ka-Sat satellite?

The new KA-SAT satellite is located at 9 degrees, east orbit. If you are trying to align your dish yourself, we recommend using a satellite meter or downloading the apple and android application – Dishpointer

How big is the dish?

The dish size depends on your location and line of site to the satellite, but typically 72 x 68cm

I have SKYTV/Freesat, is it possible to use the same satellite dish?

Unfortunately no, they work differently

What speeds can I achieve?

There are various speeds available; offering download speeds of up to 20 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 6 Mbps.

What data quotas do you offer?

Packages are available with data quotas ranging from 2GB to unlimited.

Does weather affect the dish?

Not usually, no. The dishes are designed to cope with adverse weather conditions including heavy rain, snow and wind speeds of up to 100mph. We take this in to consideration when finding the right place to install your dish and can install additional measures, such as a heating element for homes in areas of extreme weather conditions.

I want to watch UK programming online, like BBC iPlayer, is this possible?

Yes, all our satellite broadband connections come with a UK IP address as standard, meaning you can access all the same websites as in the UK.

Can I use Skype?

Yes, it is possible to use Skype, however there can be a short delay as the signal is sent to the satellite and back. Skype calls use more data than other applications as it is essentially live streaming video.

Does Skype use a lot of Data?

It depends on the type of Skype call … normal voice conversations use around 125Kbs per second uploading and downloading. Video Skype calls are effectively streaming video so a lot more data is used.

How much data is used when streaming video from places like iPlayer or YouTube?

Approximately 700 MB for an hour long, standard definition video. Significantly more for High Definition videos.

How is the data allowance calculated?

The data allowance is a combination of upload and download, so if you upload 1GB and download 3GB, your total data usage is 4GB.

Can I play online games?

In principle yes, but it is not recommended to play “first-person shooter” games because of the significantly longer ping times (approximately 600-800ms)

What is FAP?

To ensure fair internet access for all satellite broadband subscribers, Astrasat maintains a Fair Access Policy (FAP). This policy establishes an equitable balance in internet access for satellite broadband subscribers. Astrasat assigns a throughput threshold to each service plan that limits the amount of data that may be downloaded/uploaded during a specified period. A small percentage of subscribers who exceed this limit will experience a temporary reduction of speed.

What happens if I exceed my quota and go into FAP?

There are no financial penalties for exceeding your quota it is simply a case of having your speeds ‘throttled’ back. If you do happen to find yourself in that position you have the option to purchase a volume booster token of 1GB or wait for the recovery period to lapse to have your typical speeds reinstated. AVAILABLE NOW.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Upgrades take effect by midnight of the same day. Downgrades take effect at the end of the month.

What are the choices if the allocated upload/download volume is used?

You can either upgrade to the next subscription level (especially if this happens on a regular basis) or you can buy a Volume Booster at £9.99. A Volume Booster can be purchased at any time and it will just sit in the background unused until your normal limit has been breached … then the Booster kicks in and then kicks out again once you’ve gone back to underneath your normal limit.

Can I upgrade my subscription at any time or must I complete my 12 months first?

Anytime. You can upgrade at any time and that upgrade will take effect at midnight the same day. There is no financial penalty for upgrading.

Do I need a phone or phone line?

No, the satellite system does not require a telephone line. It is a bi-directional satellite system therefore independent of the telephone lines.

How difficult is it for me to install the kit myself?

We provide an instructional video and all the hardware components required so it is not to difficult if you have basic tools and a good level of DIY skill. We are also available via phone to provide advice if necessary.

If I have a problem, can I call and speak to someone for advice?

Yes, we are available at any time to provide advice and answer your questions. Simply call us on +33624681728 or email connected @astrasat.tv
If I move, can I take the system with me?

Yes, the system will work anywhere in Europe.
How do I pay?

Payment is via direct debit each month from either a GBP or EUR bank account.
What support and warranty comes with the product?

Depending on which provider you select, the equipment is coverd by a 24 or 36 month full manufacturers warranty.