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Sky TV is glad to offer new packages and prices on UK Sky TV from November 2019

Sky Q

Sky Q is the best Sky system on the market and now available from

Find what you love faster with smart menus and recommendations based on your viewing. Pause, rewind or restart live TV if you missed the beginning. Save your favourites with over 500 hours of recording space and miss an episode of your favourite series – Link records the whole thing.

The Sky Q Mini box is your gateway to viewing Sky content in other rooms. This connects to your main Sky Q box, either by Wi-Fi or via powerline networking, letting you use your electrical wiring to carry the information between boxes. Powerline networking is built-in across Sky Q devices. It serves two purposes

Packages & Pricing


The Sky cards are £250 per year.

Sky + HD box and viewing card is £490.

Sky + HD box is £300.

Sky Q System is £800



The Entertainment is £37

with Kids it’s an extra £15

Entertainment+Kids+Boxsets+Movies+Sports+HD is £96 (Full Package)

Entertainment+Kids+Boxsets+Sports+HD is £83.50

Entertainment+Kids+Boxsets is £45

Entertainment+Kids+Boxsets+HD is £50

Entertainment+Kids+Movies+Sports+HD is £88 (no boxsets)


Get in touch to find out more –


Satellite Broadband

First things first – you will need an internet connection. This will allow you to connect your various devices over WiFi to bring technology throughout your home – whether that’s on a computer, the phone in your pocket or your TV & Sound system.

On our newest Tooway Konnect packages wireless connectivity is built into your modem – meaning you don’t need to fork out for expensive routers! Also with unlimited* data you can surf, stream and shop – or do all at the same time – without worrying about running out of broadband.



Now TV

A Now TV 4K box and VPN router gives you LIVE Sky TV as well as LIVE BBC and ITV streamed through the internet to your TV on a pay as you go basis without a contract. The box doesn’t require a satellite signal as it is an internet TV box working through your WiFi. 

It also has a massive collection of catch-up and On Demand features. The VPN router connects to your existing router and allows the Now TV box to work outside of the UK. Full instructions are supplied so you can set the system up with ease.

Best yet, you can view anywhere in the world with this box and it only requires 2MG download speed to work.  



Sonos sound systems

Sonos is a speaker system that connects wirelessly to your computer, phone, tablet or TV so you can watch cinema sound quality movies or play music in any room or every room of your home.

Sonos speakers have been described as “the best-sounding smart speaker you can buy”. Having spent time developing their range they now offer voice control like an Amazon Echo or Alexa device with superior sound quality to their competitors.

If you don’t want bulky speakers taking up space or ruining the style of your room Sonos has a full range of options and add-ons. So if you need 1 speak, or 100 you can find something that suits you with built-in options for ceiling or walls, or moveable pieces you can carry around. You can also use TruePlay to analyse your room and optimise the sound of the speaker based on where it has been placed.


Smart Assistants


To complement your whole system and keep up with the kids you might be interested in a Smart Assistant such as Amazon’s Echo with “Alexa”. Conveniently Alexa only needs 0.5mbps to stream, meaning with astrasat’s speeds of up to 50mbps on Tooway Konnect you needn’t worry about your music dropping in the middle of your party!

The features of the device include: voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and playing audiobooks, in addition to providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It can also control several smart devices, acting as a home automation hub.


Satellite broadband connection, Now TV and Sonos speakers are all available from so get in touch, get connected and turn your home into a smart success.

From the 1st November we will no longer be offering our SES satellite service. This means your current connection will need to be updated.

The reason for this change is to offer our customers the best satellite broadband options available which is no longer being offered by the SES network.

What this means for you:
Better Speeds
Unlimited Data
The newest and most powerful satellite hardware available.
Better Pricing
No more costly boosters or data resets.

We’d like you to stay connected with us so are offering a range of package options on the new Tooway Konnect network.

What you need to do next:

The new hardware will be provided free of charge and we are also offering 1 month free broadband.

Installation would be billable based on 3-4 hours at 50euro + TVA. The only other charge would be a once-off connection fee to the new network at 60euro.

Let us know which package you would like to switch to. We will then advise when we can schedule a service call to complete the changeover. We’ll send you written confirmation of your new package, then your free to browse, stream and surf as normal.

You cand find our Tooway Konnect packages on our website


If you have any queries please email