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Tooway Broadband

Satellite broadband has changed dramatically in recent years. Thanks to new technologies can now deliver faster speeds, better value and more data than ever before. Making satellite the ideal solution for areas where fibre broadband either isn’t available or where it is slow and unreliable.

Tooway Konnect Packages & Prices

  • €44.98
    per month
  • DOWNLOAD SPEED (upto) – 16mbps
  • CONNECTION FEE – €60.00
  • HARDWARE – €0

Priority Data Allowance of 10GB

Our basic package best suited to one or two occasional users for web browsing and emails.

  • €57.99
    per month
  • DOWNLOAD SPEED (upto) – 30mbps
  • CONNECTION FEE – €60.00
  • HARDWARE – €0

Priority Data Allowance of 50GB

The standard data package for one or two occasional users who also like to do more on the web than just browse and check their emails. It’s higher data allowance also makes it ideal for family usage giving plenty of room for streaming, downloading and social media.

  • €87.98
    per month
  • DOWNLOAD SPEED (upto) – 50mbps
  • CONNECTION FEE – €60.00
  • HARDWARE – €0

Priority Data Allowance of 100GB

The solution for anyone who wants to make the most of the web or expects frequently heavy usage but doesn’t want to pay the top end price. Ideal for families or multiple users.

  • €116.00
    per month
  • DOWNLOAD SPEED (upto) – 50mbps
  • CONNECTION FEE – €60.00
  • HARDWARE – €0

Priority Data Allowance of 150GB

Our highest available package. With devices constantly getting smarter and subsequently using more background data this is the package for those who may have experienced an unlimited tariff before and may not want to constantly monitor their usage.

Tooway Package Benefits

Unlimited Data
Tooway is our premium product delivering the fastest speeds for a satellite broadband solution. We don’t believe in data caps so all our packages are unlimited even when you’ve used your Priority Data Allowance.

Faster than Fibre!
With speeds of Up To* 50mb you’ll never spend time waiting endlessly on pages to load again!

Free Night Zone Included
There’s also the added bonus of Free Overnight Data. This means you can schedule downloads or updates between 1-6am such as that Netflix boxset or Apple update without using any of your Priority Data Allowance.

No bill shock
We also guarantee you’ll never be hit by a bigger bill if your regular usage has been higher in one calendar month, you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying. Each month your data will refresh on your original connection date.

UK IP included
Make the most of BBC iPlayer and other otherwise restricted access sites with a UK IP.

Over 15 years experience
At we know what we’re doing when it comes to satellite. We install a high-spec dish and modem solution with WiFi capability if needed. Dishes are 74cm as standard and mounted on a south facing wall.

The Smallprint

Minimum contract period is 24 months.
After this time the contract will continue on a rolling monthly basis unless cancellation is requested in writing providing 30 days notice. The contract is subject to a 14 day cooling off period and can be cancelled within this time (from date of connection) in writing. Please note if you decided to cancel at the end of the 24 month period hardware would need to be returned.

All speeds given are Up To Speeds as specified in our Terms & Conditions and Fair Usage Policies. The speed of your service, as with any ISP, is dependent on many factors including the number of people using the service, the quality of your Wi-Fi connection, environmental factors (such as trees obstructing line of sight from your dish to the satellite) and hardware performance. We regularly monitor speeds and can reassure you that within any given 24 hour period, your average speed will be more than 50% of the advertised (up to) speed. This is compliant with local guidelines.

All Tooway/Konnect packages have unlimited data caps but do carry a Priority Data Allowance. Once this has been used service speeds may be reduced in peak times. All Tooway/Konnect packages include unlimited overnight usage between 1-6am local time.

Tooway installation & support information can be seen here.

Detailed Tooway Terms & Conditions can be seen here.


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