Satellite Broadband


One-off set up and connection charge

24 month contract or purchase hardware outright

Choose from two High Speed or High Speed Pro service





With speeds of up to 100mbps this is the fastest satellite broadband currently on the market

Switch On / Switch Off

For a small additional monthly fee have the option to disconnect your connection for up to 6 months every 12 month period

Unlimited GB

Unlimited really means unlimited! There is no data caps or cut off with our packages

Full Installation & Technical Expertise

From installation to ongoing support you can reach us by phone or email without spending hours on the phone to a call centre

Priority Data

With 150GB of priority data you don’t have to worry about the network load affecting your connection up to 150GB – that’s up to 50 hours of streaming!

Available Wherever you are

As the service comes direct from space it’s available anywhere provided the line of site isn’t blocked by buildings or geography

Overnight Allowance

Anything used between 1-6am doesn’t come out of your priority allowance so set your downloads and updates overnight to get the best use.

Early Exit Fibre Guarantee

Find out you can get fibre? No problem, we offer a fibre guarantee allowing you to exit any contract early on confirmation of your fibre connection

HIGH SPEED PRO includes a static IP. This option is suited to users who need to connect to a work Virtual Private Network. The static IP does not affect your speeds or data

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